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5″ Intel Core i5, 256GB, 8 GB RAM

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wholesale nba jerseys Staples Center before the final game of the Kings’ 2019 20 season against the Ottawa Senators on March 11. (Jack Harris / Los Angeles Times)Los Angeles will not be chosen as a hub city for the revamped Stanley Cup playoffs, the NHL informed the Kings on Wednesday.The decision, which was confirmed by a team official, came amid various media reports indicating the league is focusing on Edmonton and Toronto as its host sites for the 24 team restart plan.”We appreciate the opportunity to be considered as a Hub City for the NHL’s return to play,” said Kings President Luc Robitaille. “From the outset we felt as though we had all the key elements to provide a safe and efficient environment to help the game of hockey start back up again and complete the 2019 20 season. wholesale nba jerseys

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